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The leaders in Slurry Microtunnelling and Civil Works

GM Microtunneling is based in Western Australia, we have 40 years of experience in horizontal boring and the expertise you need for your next project.


Slurry Microtunnelling is a trenchless construction method used to install pipelines beneath buildings, highways, railroads, runways, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas. This method is particularly suited to gravity sewer, water and drainage pipelines as the process is extremely precise with deviations from target less than +/- 10mm over 160m.

GM Microtunnelling owns and operates the latest in Microtunnelling Slurry Shield machines using the Iseki TCZ & TCS range.

We install pipe for a variety of applications including:

Sewerage pipelines

Stormwater pipelines

Road and rail culverts

Pressure pipelines

We currently specialise in Microtunnelling DN300 & DN375 PVC Series 2 Jacking pipes and are also happy to work with our client to customise our system to their requirements. 

Pipe Material

PVC, Steel, RCP, VC & GRP

Pipe Sizes

150mm - 800mm

Ground Conditions

Sand, Clay, Rock, Water

Bore Length

Up to 160 metres



GM Microtunnelling is a family owned and operated company in Perth, Western Australia. 

Our General Manager Gary Miller was the founder of one of Western Australia's first horizontal boring companies (Horizontal Under Road Boring)
in the early 1970's.


8a Hamilton Hill Large.jpg


Hill Sewer

Project: Hamilton Hill Sewer
Pipe: DN300 Series 2 PVC
Service: Gravity Sewer
Bore Length: 100 metres
Depth: 5 metres

Shotts Mine, Collie WebSmall.jpg

Shotts Mine

Site, Collie

Project: Shotts Mine Site, Collie
Pipe: DN600 Steel Casing
Service: Water Main
Bore Length: 166 metres
Depth: X meters

5. Baldivis Large.jpg


Heights, Baldivis

Project: Parkland Heights, Baldivis
Pipe: DN300 & DN375 Series 2 PVC
Service: Gravity Sewer
Bore Length: 300 meters
Depth: 5.5 meters

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