Rock Boring with the TCS350 Unclemole Super

Pipe Sizes up to 500mm OD

Ground Conditions: Hard rock, cobbles and boulders, sands and gravel, clays and silts.

Cutter Head: The standard cutter head equipped with a combination of cutter/button discs is designed for excavating      
through hard rock and breaking down large boulders in front of the machine. The openings in the cutter head allow cobbles up to
100mm in size to pass into the machines cone crusher situated behind the cutter head.

Cone Crusher: Behind the cutter head the Unclemole super has a cone crusher which uses epicyclic motion, this efficiency breaks down gravel, cobbles and boulders for removal into the slurry system.

Ground Water: Hydrostatic ground water pressure is measured behind the cutter head of the machine and is counter balanced with the slurry charge pressure through the machine, the machine is designed for operating under hydrostatic pressures of up to 3 bar.

Face Stability: Earth pressures are measured on the cutter head of the machine and the "Earth Pressure Balance" control is
achieved through mechanical support from the cutter head processing material through the cone shaped crusher and hydrostatic
support from the slurry system.

Max UCS of cobble/boulder 200 MPa
Max UCS of rock 100 MPa




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